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The Shoflute (Light Color)

The Shoflute (Light Color)

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Tuning Scale
Leather Bag

• Handcrafted Ram's Horn Flute 
• Real ram's horn sourced from Israel 
• Light Color
• Easy to Play

 Light Colored Shoflute
• Online Video Tutorial

Estimated Lead-time: 3-4 weeks 


The Shoflute is a wonderful collision of the ancient the Shofar (Hebrew Instrument), and the Native American style flute (First Nation's instrument). It's made of a ram's horn and it has a wooden mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is fixed to the horn and allows you to blow to play the sound, very similar to an ocarina style instrument. Holes in the horn create different pitches and make up a scale. We have the Pentatonic scale and Major scale to choose from. The sound of the ram's horn flute is clear, melodic and aquatic. 

Note: If you're interested in a different scale not available here, please contact us to request a quote.

The Pentatonic Scale: The Pentatonic scale has 5 holes and it plays in a minor pentatonic scale like a native American style flute. Here’s a video so you can hear how it sounds.

 The Major Scale: The major scale has 8 holes and it plays a major scale like a recorder flute. Here’s a video so you can hear how it sounds. 


Leather Bag: Our cases are made with high quality, genuine leather. The case is designed to protect the Shoflute from being damaged when traveling or to store when not being used. The case is custom fit to the exact size of your Shoflute. A leather strap allows you to carry it on your shoulder. Note: We typically carry leather colors: gray, dark gray, tan, brown and black. Our colors of leather may vary depending on availability therefore we cannot give the option to choose what color you would like. But we will make sure it matches the style and look of your Shoflute.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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