Our Values

High Quality Products: We are devoted to create high quality, life-long instruments. That’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee to our instruments. If you have an issue with our instruments, let us know and we will work it out for you.

Serving Customers: Happy customers is our goal with every product that we make.

Redemption and Preservation of Ancient Instruments: Our purpose is to see redemption of extinct or nearly extinct musical instruments and to help preserve them for the generations to come.

Innovation of Musical Instruments: We believe ancient instruments are an invitation to innovate its designs to accommodate our modern musical scales and patterns.

Learn about the Process

Each instrument is built by hand, detail by detail, with the utmost precision and care. We would love to give you a digital tour of our shop.

Click here to get a more in depth look into the process your instrument undergoes to ensure the highest quality and precision possible.

Get to Know Us

There's more to what we have to give than just a factory-made instrument. I'd love to show you more about our journey as a family and our heart to reawaken the ancient sounds of the nations from around the globe.

Grab a cup of coffee, click the button below and allow me to introduce you to the team behind your instrument!

Bought an Instrument?

It's one thing to buy an instrument, but another to learn how to play it!

We have put together some different instructional videos to help guide you in the process. Just click the button below and select your instrument.

See What’s New

Theres an ebb and flow to our lives in the shop that simply can’t live on a social media page.

This blog is designed to give you a current look at what we are doing here at Evergreen Instruments. Click the button to read more!