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Tagelharpa - Viking Bow Harp - Handmade in USA by Evergreen

Tagelharpa - Viking Bow Harp - Handmade in USA by Evergreen

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Peg Type
Extra Set of Horse Hair Strings

• Handcrafted 4-string Bowed Harp 
• Horse Hair Strings
• Ancient Sound
• Play Ancient or Modern Songs

Horse Hair Bow
• Wooden Pegs or Friction Tuners
• Tailpiece tuners (Violin tuners)

Estimated Lead-time: 4-6 weeks 

Introducing the extraordinary Tagelharpa, meticulously handcrafted by Caleb Byerly. This instrument resonates with the essence of ancient times, featuring real horse hair strings that produce a truly authentic sound. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, the Tagelharpa allows you to effortlessly play both ancient Viking melodies and modern compositions.
Design: It has a walnut body and a birch top and back. The roughness of the horse hair allows the strings to vibrate well with the bow (with the help of rosin). The bow is included and it also has horse hair. Friction tuners or wooden pegs (your choice) at the head and micro tuners (violin tuners) at tailpiece. All materials are high quality materials.
Wooden tuners are more traditional and they are very stylish and go with the look of the instrument. They are a little harder to adjust but the microtuners at the tailpiece help to get it exactly in tune. The friction tuners are metal as appears in the pictures. They turn smoother than wooden pegs and give a modern look.
The Finish: The finish is made from my signature shellac finish. It’s made from a food safe material called shellac that has been used on instruments for centuries. It’s durable and absolutely stunning finish. The finish gives a 3D image of the wood and helps bring the characteristics of the wood out. 
Dimensions: 23 inches x 13 inches x 2 inches
Wood Case: The wooden case is made up of strong, durable plywood on the outside and the inside has a very soft felt material to keep the instrument safe while traveling. Similar to a guitar case, it is shaped according to the shape of the instrument. It has hinges for opening and a handle for carrying.

Wood Stand: The wooden stand is design to set on the ground or table and it holds the Tagelharpa upright safely for display. It is made of a high quality wood that matches the look and style of the lyre. It is about 14” wide, 16” tall and 8” deep.

Extra Set of Horse Hair Strings: The horse hair that we provide is high quality, genuine horse hair. It is black in color. The strings are made up of many tiny strands of hair and each string has a different amount of strands. We provide the current amount of strands for each string. It will be wrapped up and curled into a circle when you receive When installing the string on your Tagelharpa, you will need to carefully twist the strings as you install it.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
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