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Red Cedar Native American Style Flute

Red Cedar Native American Style Flute

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• Relaxing, meditative, easy to play instrument
• Take it with you on trips or out in the wild and connect with nature

• Made from genuine Red Cedar wood
• 6 hole, Minor Pentatonic Scale
• Available in a variety of keys

 Extra strap to cover 4th hole (To play it like a 5-hole)
• Walnut Mouthpiece and Block
 Video Tutorials 
• Paper Tutorial

Estimated Lead-time3-4 Weeks


Why Red Cedar? 

Eastern Red Cedar, commonly known as aromatic cedar or Jupiter cedar, is a brilliant sounding wood for flutes. Cedar is one of the standard woods for flutes because of the sound, the feel and the smell. It’s a soft wood with tight grain. It is locally harvested in North Carolina. When the flute is played, it releases sweet cedar smelling fragrance in the air. The sound is clear, medium volume with lots of warm mid tones. 

This flute is a Native American style flute (NA Flute). This style of flute originates from the First Nations people of America. Caleb Byerly hand makes this from his shop in North Carolina, from start to finish, just as he does with all of his flutes and instruments. 
The Native American style flute is a double chambered flute which means it is easy to play, just blow! It has 6 holes and it is tuned in the minor pentatonic scale. An extra leather strap is added for you to place over the 4th hole in case you’d like to play it like a 5-hole flute. The mouthpiece is made of walnut to make it comfortable to blow. 

The Size: You can choose what size you would like from high pitch to low pitch. If you would like a key or scale not specified at checkout, please contact us for a quote.

Not sure what size flute to get? Check out Caleb's blog post on Flute Size Comparison

The Finish: The finish is made from Caleb’s signature shellac finish. It’s made from a food safe material called shellac that has been used on instruments for centuries. It’s durable and absolutely stunning. The finish gives a 3D image of the wood and helps bring the characteristics of the wood out.  


Leather Bag: Our bags are made with high quality, genuine leather. The case is designed to protect the flute from being damaged when traveling or to store when not being used. The inside of the case is a soft material to also help protect the flute. There is a metal zipper that goes around 3 sides of the lyre to allow you to open the bag and insert the lyre without it getting scratched. A leather strap allows you to carry it on your shoulder. Note: We typically carry leather colors: gray, dark gray, tan, brown and black. Our colors of leather may vary depending on availability therefore we cannot give the option to choose what color you would like. But we will make sure it matches the style and look of your flute.

Stand: Our stands are made with high quality wood that matches the design of the flute. Each stand is designed to hold the flute for display when it is not being used. It allows you to be able to showcase it on a shelf or table safely without it falling off.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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