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Harp of David - 10 Strings - Handmade - One of a kind

Harp of David - 10 Strings - Handmade - One of a kind

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Leather Bag

Key Features:

  • Ancient Sound
  • Goat Skin Resonator
  • Walnut Body and Sitka Spruce Top


  • Tuning Key
  • Video Tutorials
  • Paper Tutorial
  • Steel or Silver Wound Nylon Strings

Estimated Lead-time:

6 Months


Introducing the Exquisite Ten-Stringed Harp: Unleash the Melodies of Serenity

Crafted with utmost precision and care by the renowned artisan Caleb Byerly, a masterpiece that harmonizes ancient sound with modern craftsmanship. Choose between steel or silver nylon strings, allowing you to explore a versatile range of tones. Experience the enchanting echoes of ancient times as you effortlessly play this harp, whether you're a beginner or an advanced musician.

Note: Each harp includes a tuning key, and online tutorial. An optional custom-fit leather case and a stand is available.

The Design from Caleb

"This small harp was a design that I've been planning for many years. I wanted it to resemble the ancient harp that David played for King Saul but have a modern feel to it.
The Scrolls: At the top is the crossbar that holds all of the strings. I made this to resemble ancient Hebrew Scrolls unfolding.
The Jar of Worship: The body of the instrument is shaped like a jar or pitcher. I designed this to represent the worship that we pour out to the Lord in these days. The body of the instrument represents the body of Christ.

Much of these materials were harvested from our farm in Moravian Falls, NC."


You can tune it in different scales but our recommendation is as simple as A, B, C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C. It can also be tuned in other scales such as various Pentatonic and Diatonic scales


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