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How to Build a David's Harp

How to Build a David's Harp

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Finally, a real "how-to" on building a successful playing lyre.

Be one of the few Kinnor makers in the world.

Learn woodworking and tuning to take your skills to the next level.

The end result: you get your own 7-stringed lyre!


Embark on a musical journey with Caleb Byerly in this Masterclass! Make your own 7-stringed lyre from scratch, whether you're a novice with basic tools or a seasoned woodworker. Caleb lays out his detailed blueprint for you and reveals secrets of making stringed instruments, helps you understand the optimal materials and tools to use, and shows you how to master the art of tuning.

Note: This is an E-course which provides 10 step-by-step classes to build your own lyre. Materials are not included. You can use your own materials or purchase a kit from us by contacting us


Total Course Length: 207 Minutes

Skill level: Intermediate


Course Classes:

Class one: Preparing the Stock/Material

Class two: Sanding (part 1)

Class three: Assembly and Gluing

Class four: Rasping, Filing and Drilling

Class five: Final Sanding

Class six: Final Finish with Shellac

Class seven: Installing Hardware

Class eight: Making the Bridge

Class nine: Installing Strings

Class ten: Tuning the Instrument


By the end of this course, you will gain the knowledge of how stringed instruments work, what materials work best, what tools to use and how to tune the instrument. And the best part of it is the result; a handcrafted lyre that you'll be able to play for the rest of your life!

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