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The Boat Lute

The Boat Lute

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Extra Set of Strings





• Handcrafted Boat Lute
Ancient Asian Stringed Instrument 
• Other names: Kutyapi  or  Kudlong

 Estimated Lead-time: 4-6 weeks 

DESCRIPTION (from Caleb Byerly):

This is an instrument inspired by the Philippine boat lute from Mindanao island. I was first introduce to this instrument when I lived in the Philippines among the Tigwahanon Manobo tribe. I was taught by an elderly man from the tribe how he makes it. From that point, I started creating it based off of his essential process. 

Basic Setup: I use local woods (from North Carolina) that I have in stock. I'm currently using walnut for the body but if it goes out of stock, I will use a different type of high quality instrument wood. The amazing thing about the Boat lute is that nearly the entire instrument is carved out of one piece of wood! It has a carved-out hollow body with a small sound hole.

It has two strings, the top one is a drone and the bottom string is used to play the frets. It's played like an acoustic guitar, played with a pick but you can also play it with finger picking. It has raised frets that allow you to bend the notes freely. The standard scale is a diatonic scale, however, if there’s a particular scale that you’re interested in, let me know and I can make that happen for you.  

The Finish: The finish is made from Caleb’s signature shellac finish. It’s made from a food safe material called shellac that has been used on instruments for centuries. It’s durable and absolutely stunning finish. The finish gives a 3D image of the wood and helps bring the characteristics of the wood out.  

Size: 48" x 8" x 2.5"


Vinyl Case: Our vinyl cases are made with high quality vinyl. The case is designed to protect the instrument from being damaged when traveling or to store when not being used. The inside of the case is a soft material to also help protect the instrument. There is a metal zipper that goes around 3 sides to allow you to open the bag and insert the instrument without it getting scratched. A strap allows you to carry it on your shoulder. Note: We typically carry colors: gray, dark gray, tan, brown and black. Our colors of vinyl may vary depending on availability therefore we cannot give the option to choose what color you would like. But we will make sure it matches the style and look of your lute.

Wooden Case: The wooden case is made up of strong, durable plywood on the outside and the inside has a very soft felt material to keep the instrument safe while traveling. Similar to a guitar case, it is shaped according to the shape of the instrument. It has hinges and lock for opening and a handle for carrying.

Extra Set of Strings: Strings break from time to time and strings need to be replaced every year. Our extra set of strings are the exact size, length and number that matches the lutes that we build here at Evergreen Instruments. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.



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