The Bukkehorn: Part 2

The Bukkehorn: Part 2

This video focuses on a deeper understanding of the Bukkehorn and techniques on how to play a full range of notes.

The scale of the Bukkehorn is a 7 note minor scale including the bent note at the end when you put your hand over the end of the Bukkehorn. It doesn’t make an octave like lots of other minor scale. So let me give you an example. If the Bukkehorn is in the key of F, the scale will go like this:

E (all fingers on the holes and left hand covering the end)
F (all fingers on without the hand covering the end)
G (right hand pinky off)
G# (ring finger off)
A# (middle finger off)
C (pointer finger off)
C# (thumb off which is the highest note)

It’s an amazing scale which will take time to learn, but I think you’ll love it. I hope that helps!




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